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 SpellBound: Helping Children Cope with Medical Procedures Using Augmented Reality

You know that moment when you watch a child see or do something for the very first time that absolutely fascinates them? You watch them captivated in the experience, their faces painted with joy, surprise and wonder. Their eyes open wide with a sparkle, jaw dropped and mouth opened. It’s simply magical. I wonder if you’re like me, do you the observer feel the same sudden rush of warmth that feels as if it’s hugging your heart? It’s an authentic joy that I find myself grateful for witnessing or helping to create.

10 Ways to Get Silly with Little Kids

Children learn about the world around them through play. Well before they celebrate their first birthday, they learn basic concepts of how manipulating something causes a secondary response, such as a banging sound or rattle shake. Little ones continue to learn about concepts like object permanence, where they understand that something exists even when they can't see it. Or that there are words to define each object's features. 

Elf on the shelf at the hospital - SING audition!

As the final leaves fell to the ground and temperatures started to plunge here in the Midwest, I started thinking about what it’s like for families in the hospital during the holidays. Not only does it disrupt normal routine, but it also can cause ripples in new or recurring special holiday traditions. I can remember a time working in the ICU when a family felt torn about what to tell their young and very ill child who was asking a lot about if he would miss Christmas - if Santa would know where he was.