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Memory Scarves: Find Comfort Wrapped in their Love

When I think Back to my childhood, a flood of special memories come to mind that involve Alicia Miklavicic-Franz and her mom, Janie Esposito. Alicia was new to my school in 4th grade, moving to West Allis (West-Milwaukee) from a much smaller town called Adams Friendship in Wisconsin. We became instant friends. I traveled with Janie, Alicia, and younger brother Michael to craft shows, helping set up the booth and selling Janie’s children’s clothes. I can remember being with them after a day of selling, sitting in a restaurant and watching Janie’s shock of hearing the news of Princess Diana’s tragic death.

 SpellBound: Helping Children Cope with Medical Procedures Using Augmented Reality

You know that moment when you watch a child see or do something for the very first time that absolutely fascinates them? You watch them captivated in the experience, their faces painted with joy, surprise and wonder. Their eyes open wide with a sparkle, jaw dropped and mouth opened. It’s simply magical. I wonder if you’re like me, do you the observer feel the same sudden rush of warmth that feels as if it’s hugging your heart? It’s an authentic joy that I find myself grateful for witnessing or helping to create.