About Me


My name is Dawn Klausmeier.

I’m a Certified Child Life Specialist and mom of three.

In my 10 years as a Certified Child Life Specialist, I’ve worked in nationally recognized pediatric hospitals helping thousands of children and families cope with medical experiences that are often unfamiliar and scary. Learn more about what a Certified Child Life Specialist here.

After the birth of my second child, I left the hospital setting to stay home with my kids. I created Dose of Play blog and social media accounts to continue to help children and families cope with challenging stages, events and life circumstances by providing useful tips, strategies and resources. Whether you’re looking for help to make checkups less stressful or need specific resources for a more serious injury, illness or death of a loved one, my goal is to empower you with tools to face these challenges with your children.

I believe a “dose of play” should be prescribed in all treatment plans for children facing health or emotional challenges.

I am excited and honored for Dose of Play to serve families in our Savannah community. Dose of Play offers child life private practice in-home services, community group programming, and video/phone caregiver support for those outside of Savannah.

Tips and resources found on doseofplay.com can translate to fostering positive coping with non-medical stressors, too, such as separation anxiety from parents when starting school.

Be sure to check out the blog to find topics written from Certified Child Life Specialists that provide coping strategies, medical education, and a generous Dose of Play to help kids face difficult life challenges. You can find play ideas and more resources on my @doseofplay Instagram account.

Thank you for your interest in Dose of Play child life services. Contact me here! It would be an honor and privilege to meet your family!