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Inspiring Child Life Specialists Across the Nation

If you are unfamiliar, child life specialists serve to help children and families cope with challenges that surround injury, illness, and death. We provide developmentally appropriate preparation, medical education, distraction, play and coping strategies to reduce anxiety, perceived pain and non-compliance with medical treatment for children facing these medical related experiences. Together, with each family and members of the medical team, we strive to make circumstances less scary and confusing. Our understanding of child development and social dynamics lends a hand to helping children cope with related challenging experiences, such as early childhood caregiver separation anxiety or building self-esteem with youth and teens.

 SpellBound: Helping Children Cope with Medical Procedures Using Augmented Reality

You know that moment when you watch a child see or do something for the very first time that absolutely fascinates them? You watch them captivated in the experience, their faces painted with joy, surprise and wonder. Their eyes open wide with a sparkle, jaw dropped and mouth opened. It’s simply magical. I wonder if you’re like me, do you the observer feel the same sudden rush of warmth that feels as if it’s hugging your heart? It’s an authentic joy that I find myself grateful for witnessing or helping to create.