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How to help toddlers cope with dental exams

I had just put down the baby for a nap when I checked my calendar. Oh, come on! I’m going to pretend this was my verbal response, a G-rated curse replacement my mom has used for years in front of kids. My daughter’s dental appointment was in 40 minutes. I always book dental appointments months in advance and this one snuck up this tired mom of two. At 2 ½ years old my daughter, as you might be familiar with, doesn’t exactly love to have Mickey suddenly turned off and rushed to get out the door. I thought okay, we’ll see how this goes! I woke up a confused sleepy baby and rushed the three of us out the door. Let’s do this.

Elf on the shelf at the hospital - SING audition!

As the final leaves fell to the ground and temperatures started to plunge here in the Midwest, I started thinking about what it’s like for families in the hospital during the holidays. Not only does it disrupt normal routine, but it also can cause ripples in new or recurring special holiday traditions. I can remember a time working in the ICU when a family felt torn about what to tell their young and very ill child who was asking a lot about if he would miss Christmas - if Santa would know where he was.