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Power of perspective

At my last employer, I was on the interview panel for the new dance/movement therapy position. My colleague asked the interviewee how she might justify a dance/movement therapy consult for a child critically ill, injured, or with major physical or cognitive limitations if she was met with resistance from a family member or health care professional. The first words out of her mouth were simple, but powerful. Without hesitation she said,

How to create medical edition game cards

Today I'm going to explain how you can create medical/hospital edition cards to use with the Headbanz game. Check out my previous Game on! blog post to read about why game playing with a medical theme is a fun way to help children learn and prepare for a visit to the hospital for surgery.

Here is a little more information about why I love this game:

Game on!

In the hospital setting, child life specialists create opportunities for play based learning in a variety of ways. We do this through pre-surgical tours, procedural preparation, new diagnoses teaching, medical play, medical art making, feelings activities and more. Not only does education help children understand the “whys” for their medical experience, but it also prepares them for next steps, creates feelings of mastery and confidence, and provides strategies to cope.