Hello! My name is Dawn and I am a certified child life specialist and mom of two busy little ones.

I earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Arizona State University with a focus on child development. Completing a child life practicum at St. Joseph's Children's Rehabilitative Services in Phoenix solidified my desire to pursue a career in child life. Child life specialists provide psycho-social support to children and families in the medical setting to help promote positive coping with hospitalization, procedures, new diagnoses, and end of life. After completing a child life internship at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, I gained 7 years of experience working in two metropolitan area hospitals. I have supported children of all ages and medical needs, from acute emergency room visits to solid organ transplants, including bereavement support for families in the hospital. In 2014, I completed critical-incident stress management (CISM) training and participated for 2 years on the hospital’s CISM team, co-facilitating debriefings for hospital employees.

I currently reside in the Midwest with my husband and children. After welcoming my second child in 2017, I made the difficult decision to leave a role and employer I loved to stay at home to raise our kids. I launched Dose of Play blog to fulfill a long-time dream of mine to share knowledge I have learned as a certified child life specialist to help others. In doing so, I hope I can also shine a spotlight on the important work of child life specialists and creative arts therapists (art therapists, drama therapists, music therapists, dance/movement therapists) in the medical setting.  

Continued education and involvement with the outstanding child life community is important to me and I look forward to attending more conferences and collaborating with peers to learn more and stay inspired. I am proud and excited to share what I've learned with you thus far and I look forward to growing professionally and personally with you through this platform. 

Dose of play was created to share play ideas, coping strategies, medical education, experiences as a certified child life specialist, and resources with parents, caregivers, and health care professionals to support children facing illness, injury, and death. 

The information and stories shared is intended to be delivered to readers with sincerity and integrity. I hope you feel inspired, enlightened, encouraged, and interested in embarking on this journey with me. Thank you for being here!

Dose of Play